Vehicle thefts hit Hudson’s Bay neighborhood

By Patty Hastings, Columbian Social Services, Demographics, Faith



Car thefts are on the rise in the Hudson’s Bay neighborhood, with five vehicles stolen during the past two weekends.

Chris Cousins, 35, moved to the neighborhood from Orchards two months ago. His 1995 Honda Accord was stolen April 11, possibly around midnight, he said.

His fiancee was awake and heard a car starting in the parking lot of their apartment complex but didn’t think anything of it at the time.

Cousins had the car for about six years and used it to get to his job in Gresham, where he works as a mechanic, and his fiancee uses it to drive to school.

“My car is my everything,” he said, adding that other cars were stolen out of his small apartment complex at 500 S St.

The Vancouver Police Department doesn’t have any suspect information so far on any of these cases, according to spokeswoman Kim Kapp.

It’s possible that the same person or group of people is responsible for all of the vehicle thefts, she said.

Cousins is offering a $200 reward for anyone who leads him to his car. His Honda Accord is white with tinted windows, a rear spoiler and aluminum rims on the wheels.

“I don’t care who has it. I don’t care where it is,” he said.

He asks people to call him with information at 360-702-8898.

According to the Clark County Sheriff’s Office, the 1995 Honda Accord was the eighth most commonly stolen cars in 2011 in Clark County.

All of the vehicles in the top 10 were either Honda Accords or Civics made in the 1990s.

Anyone with information about the recent car thefts should contact the police agency’s tip line at 360-487-7399.