Letter: We’re powerless against bully tactic



Of course, the Affordable Care Act will provide 8 million Americans/immigrants, both legal and illegal, a chance to have coverage, and rightly so for the Americans. Of those 8 million, how many are actually going to be paying for their own health coverage as opposed to the middle class?

The ACA had little positive change on my wife and me. After 24 years of the same health insurance, we received a letter, and I quote, “Termination of your individual health benefit plan is effective 9/3/2014. Mid-West National has made the difficult decision to withdraw from the individual market in Washington and discontinue all individual health benefit plans issued in Washington and other States. … please refer to the Affordable Care Act.” Our ages range from 54 to 60 and now we are starting over and at the mercy of the ACA to dictate what our new premium will be.

Before touting the praises of ACA, do your research and find out how many Americans are happy with dropped coverage, higher premiums, and further tax burden ACA places upon their backs. We all have an equal share of the health care responsibility. It should not fall solely on one population demographic.

Our country is turning into a big bully that continually preys upon the middle class, and the ACA is its current bullying tactic.

Dave Becker