Vital Statistics



Marriage dissolutions


Bibee, Andrea Dione and Bibee III, Bon Lincoln. Woman’s name changed to Harvey.

Harris, Matthew Paul and Lockhart, Heidi Mae.

Jackson, Amber Dawn and Hakimu Ronald.

Magnusson, Paul Cyrus and Pamela Jean.

Morris, Norman Keary and Susan Kay.

Rodriguez, Guadalupe T. and Rafael S.

Schram, Jerry Eugene and Stephanie Anne.

Van Horn, Shannon Marie and Bret Christopher.


Cordova, Luis Rafael Rivera and Mendez, Tanairi Moctezuma

Fowler, Carissa Anne and Ronald Gary.

Glaser, Gerrie L. and David R.

Morasch, Maureen Joyous and Matthew Richard.

Seratt, Kathryn and Lyle.

Marriage licenses


Aleksejeva, Diana Aleksandrovna, 25, Vancouver, and Davidyuk, Ivan Petrovich, 21, Salem, Ore.

Mertz, Katherine Helena, 38, Springfield, Ore., and Jensen, Erica Lynn, 27, Springfield, Ore.

Doblie, Kathleen Jorgine, 55, Seattle, and Yingling, William Charles, 42, Seattle.

Pimentel-Tavares, Stephanie, 25, Portland, and Duran-Huizar Jr., Julio Cesar, 22, Portland.

Mota, Edson, 31, Vancouver, and Soares, Nildete Teixeira, 26, Vancouver.

Edmondson, Matthew Wayne, 44, Ridgefield, and McClung, Gyneth Ann, 32, Ridgefield.

Trevino, Allen Robert, 42, Aberdeen, and Turner, Julie Lea, 54, Portland.

Jones, Ashley Michelle, 24, Vancouver, and Turner, Deontra Tyrone, 30, Vancouver.

Bangert, James Henry, 66, Camas, and McGreevey, Catherine Alice, 54, Camas.

Woodrum, Jonathan Taylor, 56, Vancouver, and Woodrum, Debra Sue, 54, Vancouver.

Tidwel Nathan Michael, 28, Vancouver, and Cloutier, Valerie Erica, 27, Vancouver.

Unger, Shawn Lewis, 40, Vancouver, and Lewis, Stacey Ann, 43, Vancouver.

Fehrs, Kay Marie, 37, Vancouver, and Bloomquist, Jon Christopher, 42, Vancouver.

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