Hillsboro cops arrest pastry vandals

Pair accused of smearing cars with donuts, cake



The Hillsboro Police Department arrests pastry vandals.

This release updates prior media information regarding criminal mischief events in a NE Hillsboro neighborhood whereby the suspects had smeared vehicles with donuts, cakes and other pastries throughout June and July.

Hillsboro patrol Officer Steve Zieman conducted follow up investigations into these incidents and based on some packaging left behind at the scene, Zieman was able to ascertain that some of the items were purchased at Winco Foods and Albertson’s Market. After viewing surveillance video, Zieman was able to identify a man and a woman as suspects in the case.

On 073114 at 9:00 AM, Zieman contacted the female suspect at her residence in Hillsboro and arrested her for 2 counts of criminal mischief-III. She is identified as AISLYNN CLEVIDENCE MOORE, age 19, of Hillsboro. She was cited into Washington County court.

On 073114 at 10:00 AM, Zieman contacted the male suspect as his residence in Hillsboro and arrested him for 2 counts of Criminal Mischief-III. He is identified as ANTHONY DAVID GRATTERI, age 20, of Hillsboro. He was also cited into Washington County court.