Weather Eye: No rain in sight, but morning clouds may cool us off a wee bit




Our heat wave continues, though the high temperature Saturday was down three degrees or so from Friday. Couldn’t feel the difference between 90 and 87 degrees? Well, the rise in humidity made up for it.

Still warm today and Monday, then we see those much-anticipated marine clouds penetrating up the Columbia River and laying a cool blanket over us the rest of the week. Still, by “cool,” I mean highs closer to a normal 80-85, depending how soon the morning clouds dissipate.

We had quite a light show overnight Thursday and early Friday, with hours and hours of thunder and lightning. We weren’t the only ones — the storms moved into the Puget Sound region. They also had thunderstorms Saturday, a round of instability that we escaped.

Thunderstorms have prevailed east of the mountains the past several days with some pretty intense boomers dumping hail, strong winds and upward of two inches of rain in some areas. Lightning is always a threat for wildfires, making the rain good news.

I saw many pictures of local lightning on Facebook. Tyler Mode of Battle Ground had some outstanding shots. He mentioned that he has chased thunderstorms east of the mountains and in the Plains and took some really good photos. But the best? The other night right here in Clark County — see them at

No rain in sight this week, and pleasant summer weather on tap right into the weekend though low clouds may persist along the coast. Longer range forecasts hint at another 90-degree-plus spell most of next week. Will we make it officially to 100 this summer?