Bicycle thefts on rise, Vancouver police warn

By Patty Hastings, Columbian Social Services, Demographics, Faith



Bicycle theft is on the rise in west Vancouver, with 40 bikes stolen over the last two months, according to the Vancouver Police Department. The agency expects thefts to continue increasing throughout the summer. Bikes were stolen from both residential and public areas, leading police to offer some theft prevention tips for bike owners:

  • Always lock your bike whenever it’s left unattended. Bikes can be stolen anywhere — from yards, porches and garages to parks and schools to storefronts.
  • Swap out a lightweight cable or chain lock, which can be easily cut, for a lock that can’t easily be broken. Also, don’t lock your bike to flimsy structures like a skinny tree or a trash can, which a thief can easily move.
  • Register your bike with the National Bike Registry: Officers who recover stolen bikes can use the registry to return them to their rightful owners.