Letter: Unreasonable to require ownership



Chuck Miller’s July 21 letter suggested a “Solution to gun control that works” is passing an ordinance “requiring every head of household to have a gun.” Yes, the crime rate may drop if everyone carried a gun, as a criminal would not want to attack someone who is armed, but not everyone knows how to use a gun.

According to the U.S. Census, there are about 112 million households in the United States. Now, if only each head of household carries a gun, that is 112 million people who have to be trained on how to correctly use the firearm.

A lot of people do not like guns as it is. My father would never have a gun in our house. Wouldn’t being forced to own one take away the freedom to not have one? Plus, there are other ways to kill someone. Should the head of household be forced to own knives? A baseball bat? Should every head of household know how to snap someone’s neck?

Hayden Babby