Weather Eye: Our rain, thunder nothing compared to region's wind, floods

By Patrick Timm, Columbian weather columnist


photoPatrick Timm

There was lots of weather action around the Northwest on Tuesday but little in Clark County. Yes, we had some showers, but they were on the light side. We had some lightning and thunder but just a tease. However, to our west and east there was plenty of it.

There were over 1500 lightning strikes west of us in Columbia County up into the Willipa Hills in southwest Washington. It even started a few small fires that were fortunately quickly put out. Heavy thunderstorms roared over and east of the Cascades. Between 1 and 2 inches of rain fell in a short time which helped many of the wildfires but also caused flash floods killing one hiker on the upper Sandy River.

Then there was the huge dust storm called a Haboob near Ritzville. The pictures I saw looked more like something the folks in Arizona experience every year. Amazing.

Wednesday saw things settle down and that will be the trend. Thunderstorms and showers were beginning to develop late Wednesday and I wouldn't be surprised if Clark County received some rain and maybe thunder as well. Back to "normal" Friday into the weekend.

Rainfall Tuesday and Wednesday was scattered over Clark County and varied depending on the shower intensity. I recorded only .07 of an inch here in Salmon Creek both days. As of 5 p.m. Wednesday, Vancouver only recorded .02 of an inch. Hardly enough to settle the dust.

Crazy weather around the rest of the country with heavy rains measured in feet in some areas and flooding.