More than 70 percent of apartment renters own pets



More than 70 percent of apartment renters reported owning pets, with cats and dogs as the most popular types, according to a survey released Tuesday.

Despite the high pet ownership numbers, the survey by found that it may still be hard for renters to find a pet-friendly apartment.

Nearly two-thirds of pet-owners in 2014 reported having some difficulty finding an apartment that allows pets, but the rental listing website said that may be changing.

“We see the rental industry moving toward accommodating the needs of this important and growing segment of renters,” Tammy Kotula, spokesperson for, said in a statement.

The survey found that apartment building’s pet policies played a major role in the decision about where to rent for nearly nine out of 10 pet owners.

Seventy percent of pet owners said their choice of where to rent was influenced by nearby pet amenities, such as parks, veterinary facilities and pet stores.

“We believe these trends may increase demand for new apartment construction that includes innovative pet-friendly spaces, amenities and policies,” said Brad Long, president of

A new luxury high-rise in downtown L.A. has a rooftop dog run and partners with local businesses to provide pet-sitting, dog-walking and in-home grooming services, said Josh Lloyd, West Coast vice president for Wood Partners, which owns the development.

Lloyd said the company does demographic research to determine what amenities it will provide, and pets ownership has been a growing trend influencing those decisions. He said up to 30 percent of residents now own pets and not just cats and small dogs, but large dogs as well.

“You have to adapt to that,” Lloyd said. “You want to be able to support that as a housing provider.”