Weather Eye: Temperatures will cool some, then climb for weekend




Another 90-degree day went into the record books Monday as summer warmth continues. Things will temper downward the next few days as mentioned here Sunday. The low that was crossing the Gulf of Alaska increased clouds in Western Washington late Monday. I expect the light precipitation associated with it to remain to our north and along the ocean beaches.

We will see more clouds with some clearing later in the afternoon through the remainder of the week. We will be in the 70s through Friday before we warm up near or a little above average on Saturday. That is the plan so we will run with that. The further south you go in Oregon the sunnier and warmer weather you will find.

The August average mean temperature for Vancouver is running about 3.5 degrees above average. One of the warmest summers on record. Even with a lack of any 100-degree highs, the mild overnight lows have boosted the average temperature.

We have received six 90-degree days this month, six last month, none in June and one in May. Just about average for a typical summer. We still have a few weeks to go for that number to increase. Highs in the 90s are not uncommon in September, especially if we get offshore easterly winds.

Outside of a few scattered thunderstorms this summer that have caused localized downpours, it remains rather dry. Only .02 of an inch has fallen officially in Vancouver this month. But this is of course the “dry season” that we like to soak up before a return to the annual rainy season.

Just four months ago I was writing this, “The skies got dark and a brief but heavy rain shower moved through Salmon Creek. I was watching the rain on my deck and torrents running off rooftops. I bet even the frogs ran for cover on that one, fearing a bad experience from the downspout. Then the sun came out and perhaps washed the spiders out! And so it goes with April, the month of sometimes intense shower activity.”

See you on Thursday!

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at