Pasco grandmother jumps out of car to tackle man fleeing police




RICHLAND — A Pasco grandmother can apparently hit like a middle linebacker.

Joseph Lewis Fry certainly found that out last week when he ran from a Richland police officer.

Fry, 20, got into an argument with another man Wednesday as they were panhandling near Highway 240 and Columbia Center Boulevard, said Capt. Mike Cobb, police spokesman. Officers arrived and started talking to both men.

As an officer was talking to Fry, Fry started running.

Becky Powell, 40, was riding with her husband and teenage son when she saw Fry flee, she said. She watched as Fry got a good distance from the officer.

Instead of stopping and waiting to see what happened, Powell told her husband to speed up and get in front of Fry.

"I got into a football stance and said, 'You're going to stay here,' " Powell said. "He stiff-armed me and I just wrapped him up and threw him on the ground."

Another man helped her pin Fry down as police were able to catch up and put him in handcuffs, Powell said.

Powell said she then playfully taunted Fry good measure.

"I whispered in his ear, 'How does it feel to be taken down by a mother of five and a grandmother of three?,' " she said.