Weather Eye: Expect pleasant temperatures for Labor Day weekend




Another hot day Wednesday but that will be it for a while as we get cooler air from the northwest filtering in via marine clouds. Still close to 80 degrees today and then pleasant 70s through the long holiday weekend. The risk of showers was looking even less likely over the weekend Wednesday afternoon so we have it in the forecast but in the “chance” category.

Most weather stations west of the Cascades logged in another 90-degree day (eight now this month for Vancouver) but the last one for the month. Will we see 90 degrees again this year? I think we will in September if we get a slight offshore flow of air. Quite possible.

I am reading all the winter 2014-15 weather predictions made by many. It is still early outside of the almanacs but I found one the other day on the Internet. has a blog and they shared their analysis for the upcoming winter and what happened last year. I get the drift that they concentrate favorably for the eastern half of the U.S. but here is what they indicate for us: Temperatures will be about normal with precipitation about normal. Anything new here?

They hint that our region could get between an inch and 12 inches of snow overall with the greatest chances in December and January. That could translate to snowfall of 200 percent of average. So perhaps a couple of cold outbreaks to usher that reality in? For more detailed information you can search for them on the Web.

The earlier hype of an El Niño this winter still hasn’t come to fruition, even though the Pacific waters are warmer than normal. We’ll see what happens here. I bet the state of California would like to see that happen as they usually get the heaviest winter precipitation while we sit here in the dry doldrums. Stay tuned.

Enjoy the cooldown and be safe this long holiday weekend and we will chat on Sunday.