Letter: Wounding remarks do little to help



When I read Ellen Putman’s Nov. 25 letter, “Motivate by featuring positive paths,” regarding homeless mothers, I got tears in my eyes, a fire in my belly, and the urge to write a letter calling her cold-hearted. I gave myself a cooling-off period before writing this.

Today, I’ll just call her letter pathetic and scary as I question where could a person with opinions like that come from? Opinions like those of Rush Limbaugh and Michelle Bachmann.

Putman’s mockery of people in need of assistance, especially single mothers, is not only ignorant but cruel. I urge her to get involved in helping the people less fortunate than she is. Talk to them. Find out how they got where they are. You’ll be surprised. Nobody decides to be homeless and hungry. Find out what you can do to change things. Try to help.

Jane Sturm

Battle Ground