Seahawks superfans rally on Super Bowl Eve

By Patty Hastings, Columbian Social Services, Demographics, Faith


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Eight-year-old Blake Geffert led hundreds of Seattle Seahawks super fans in a roaring cheer Saturday morning at Esther Short Park. In five days, organizers had put together a rally to get people pumped about the big game.

Geffert, who plays football for the Evergreen Bulldogs, won a dance-off for his acrobatic touchdown dance. Competitors included Clark County Assessor Peter Van Nortwick and a man who called himself “Subway.”

Many people, from infants to veteran fans, hopped to the beat, indicating that the excitement surrounding Sunday’s game came with a certain amount of expressive joy — if not grace.

The motley crew was in agreement about one thing: The Seahawks are winning Super Bowl XLVIII. They waved 12th man flags, donned their brightest greens and brought dogs decked out in Seahawks gear. One guy even towed his Seahawks speedboat to the park.

“We just wanted to promote community spirit,” said the event’s organizer, Carmen Wester, 44.

After attending an “electrifying” Seahawks send-off in SeaTac, she wondered why Vancouver didn’t host a similar event for local fans.

The idea came together Monday night, when Wester sent off Facebook invites; word about the rally spread quickly through social media and Seahawks fan sites.

“We’re going to win the Super Bowl!” said Sharon Martell, 61, of Vancouver. She brought along her 2-year-old dog Ali, whose fur was painted blue and green. The Saint Bernard mingled with other canine fans, including a dachshund wearing a Seahawks cape.

“I’m jazzed. This is our year,” said Kyle Anderson. “Seattle is a young team, No. 1 defense … it’s our golden year. It really is.”

“All those doubters and whatever — we’re for real,” Anderson said.

People signed a 12th man flag that will be presented to the Seahawks’ main office in Renton after the Super Bowl.

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