Letter: Education, events continue to fly



In a Jan. 29 letter, “No trust in Pearson management,” Richard Kennington referred to the Jan. 26 Columbian story, “Air, space artifacts get new home,” about a conservation hangar in northern Virginia. Kennington also wrote about the National Park Service’s position on the Pearson Air Museum, once run by the Fort Vancouver National Trust for the city of Vancouver. It seems that even when a letter is written to The Columbian, not in favor of the park service, the headline slants it against Pearson.

What is now known as “Pearson Field Education Center” is in full swing in a hangar on Pearson Field. Education, summer camps for aviation and Saturday open hangar events are continuing. These events, along with the aircraft and displays, would best serve the community if they could return to the name “Pearson Air Museum.”

Arnie Merrick