Spring chinook fishing to close on Lewis, Kalama rivers



Spring chinook fishing will be closed beginning Feb. 17 in the Lewis, North Fork of the Lewis and Kalama rivers.

Fishing for steelhead also will be closed Feb. 17 through May 31 in the North Fork of the Lewis from Johnson Creek (downstream of Lewis River Salmon Hatchery) upstream to Merwin Dam.

A return of 1,100 spring chinook is forecast to return the Lewis River in 2014, short of the hatchery spawning goal of about 1,350 fish.

The Kalama River will be closed Feb. 17 until further notice from markers at the river mouth to 1,000 feet upstream of the Kalama Falls Hatchery fishway.

The forecast is for 500 spring chinook and the hatchery needs about 450 for spawning.