Talking Points: Montero, Smoak available for trade




A Detroit-based website says the Mariners have let teams know the Jesus Montero and Justin Smoak are available in trades. The site says the Tigers have no interest in Smoak with Miguel Cabrera’s move back to first base, but Montero could fit as a backup catcher and designated hitter.

Why would the Tigers want Montero? Because as recently as 2011, the now 24-year-old topped out at No. 3 on Baseball America’s top 100 prospects list behind Bryce Harper and Mike Trout.

Not all prospects pan out, but Montero is too young to be a true bust at this point in his career.


Will the Houston Texans, holding the the No, 1 pick in the NFL draft, take quarterback Johnny Manziel from Texas A&M? Not a chance, according Eric Galko of Sporting News.

Manziel’s game is predicated on elusiveness in the pocket, creativity as a runner and the ability to force defenses to hold their coverage longer than the average three to four seconds. The NFL level is too fast, too big and too quick to adjust schematically for those attributes to remain Johnny Football’s calling card.

The best guess is the Texans, Jaguars, Raiders, Buccaneers and Cardinals will pass on Manziel.


Most of the mock NFL drafts have Oregon State wide receiver Brandin Cooks going late in the first round. Most of the drafts have Teddy Bridgewater of Louisville, Derek Carr of Fresno State and Blake Bortles of Central Florida drafted ahead of Johnny Manziel.

A typical top five is: No. 1 Jadaveon Clowney, DE, South Carolina to the Texans; No. 2 Greg Robinson, OT, Auburn to the Rams; No. 3. Bridgewater to Jacksonville; No. 4 Sammy Watkins, WR, Clemson to the Browns and No. 5. Khalil Mack, OLB, Buffalo, to the Raiders.