Letter: Hats off to Benton as our senator



I don’t know how many of you read the newsletter sent from your state Sen. Don Benton, R-Vancouver. It is worth a read this go-around. You can find it on his website.

In short, Benton and a group of both Republican and Democratic senators formed a coalition a few years back in order to get the work of the Senate done. It worked. Thanks, Don.

Did you know that this year Washington state schools will have more than a billion dollars in additional revenue to fund their ever-growing needs? Did you know that this year the Senate will operate a “short session,” a major part of which is getting jobs for our great state? Do you get the picture? Benton is fighting for you and I. Not for party. Not for secret backroom shenanigans.

He is working for you and me and he deserves your gratitude and respect.

Mark Driscoll