Letter: Support Washougal schools



As the Principal of Jemtegaard Middle School for the past year, I have seen many examples of the Washougal community and spirit in our kids. This has been the basis of its success since 1981. However, to meet the safety and educational needs of our kids, which have significantly changed over the last 34 years, it is time to build an educational structure that supports the downtown Washougal kids.

Our kids need to feel safe at all times, whether it is in the classroom or walking to their next lesson. They need to be able to walk around the room without tripping over each other due to confined spaces. Most importantly, they need to be exposed to modern educational facilities, ranging from science labs to tables with four sturdy legs. We have wonderful kids at Jemtegaard who are working hard to improve their lives and support their peers in a way that I have never seen before. I ask for your support to give them the facilities they need to be safe and successful. Vote “yes” for Washougal schools.

David Cooke