Letter: Economy may worsen with new law



I was reading the Feb. 5 article “Health care law will mean fewer people in the workforce,” and I have some comments. This article mainly talks about how Obamacare will make it so that fewer people will have jobs. I know that our economy is already going downhill, so having fewer people in the workforce will make our economy even worse. I just think that to create jobs we need to have a better person to lead us.

Now, I’m only 14 and I don’t really care much for politics, but I have seen how badly some of our nation’s decisions have affected my friends and my school. Some of my friends don’t have much money and yet their families’ insurance has been cancelled or is more expensive.

And now I read in this article that there will be fewer workers, so I am worried about my friends’ not having enough money or their parents’ losing their jobs. And I am worried about how this will affect the money the schools have available for our education, since people out of work means no one is paying taxes to fund schools.

Overall, I think this new health care law is catastrophic for our nation.

David Keller