Spotlight on Youth




photoJordan T. Moore


Jordan Browning, a sixth-grader at Maple Grove K-8 School in Battle Ground, won the campus-wide competition in the National Geographic Bee, qualifying him for the state-level competition. Jordan received a certificate of achievement from the National Geographic Society. Maple Grove's grade-level winners were: Shon Siguenza, eighth grade; Karoline Karvonen, seventh grade; Gabe Teodosio, fifth grade; and Sam Yadlovskiv, fourth grade.


Forty-three teams made up of more than 160 middle-school students competed in a variety of math categories Jan. 25 at Chief Umtuch Middle School in Battle Ground. In the competition, students were asked a series of questions for each category and graded on accuracy and speed. Winning teams and individuals from each grade were:

1st place team

Fifth: Chief Umtuch.

Sixth: Union Ridge.

Seventh: Amboy.

Eighth Grade: CAM Academy.

2nd place team

Fifth: Union Ridge.

Sixth: Chief Umtuch.

Seventh: Chief Umtuch.

Eighth: Chief Umtuch.

3rd place team

Fifth: Chief Umtuch.

Sixth: Daybreak.

Seventh: Pleasant Valley.

Eighth: CAM Academy.

1st place individual

Fifth: Callum Beatson, Union Ridge.

Sixth: Sydney Dean, Union Ridge.

Seventh: Zach Walters, Chief Umtuch.

Eighth: Everett Buck, CAM Academy.

2nd place individual

Fifth: Douglas Quinn, Daybreak.

Sixth: Nathan Lipovich, Chief Umtuch.

Seventh: Leah Sarkinen, Amboy.

Eighth: Rahul Shandra, CAM Academy.

The student with the highest score from each participating school was:

Amboy: Leah Sarkinen.

CAM Academy: Everett Buck.

Chief Umtuch: Max Greener.

Daybreak: Douglas Quinn.

Laurin: Kiaru Zambrana.

Maple Grove: Addyson Parks.

Pleasant Valley: Irwin Ho.

Tukes Valley: Hailey Defferding.

Union Ridge: Sydney Dean.

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