Letter: Review by feds welcome reprieve



Thanks to the Department of Ecology for taking a broad look at the health and economic impacts of the proposed coal export terminal in Longview. It’s obvious that what would be the second-largest coal export facility in North America would have harmful impacts beyond just Longview.

My family lives in Camas, one of the many rail communities that would be greatly impacted by this very reckless proposal. My dad and stepmom live less than two blocks from the tracks, my son just across the Washougal River from the tracks. My dad is fighting a degenerative lung disease and the coal dust and extra diesel exhaust from the coal trains would be a real impact on him and many other residents.

Camas has worked hard to become a very livable and desirable community. We shouldn’t have to sacrifice our hard-earned gains to a risky, foreign-owned fossil fuel grab. If all the impacts of this proposal are honestly looked at, it will be clear that exporting coal is not good for our communities or region. We can do a lot better. Thanks again to the Department of Ecology for helping to protect our health and economies.

Rick Marshall