Clark County building permits



July 12-19

Building permits over $25,000 issued by Clark County’s Department of Community Development.


Kaber, Betty, 1218 N.E. 88th St., Suite 112, $77,260, convert space to Domino’s Pizza take-out restaurant.

Rehfeldt Construction, 1919 N.E. 78th St., Vancouver, $125,000, parking area, walkway and addition of ADA ramp.


Alkor Construction NW, 41900 N.E. Dobler Hill Road, Woodland, $157,000.

Andrade, Robert, 11414 N.E. 212nd Ave., Battle Ground, $30,000.

Brighten Homes, 12004 N.W. Eighth Ave., Vancouver, $120,000.

Broadway Construction, 6200 N.W. 202nd Circle, Ridgefield, $131,800.

Manor Homes Washington, $7001 N.E. 104th Way, Vancouver, $86,000.

Meyer, Scott, 201 N.E. 319th Ave., Washougal, $30,000.

New Tradition Homes, 16003 N.E. 101st Way, Vancouver, $220,000.

Summerplace Homes, 10510 N.E. 21st Court, Vancouver, $120,000.