Letter: Another meaningless vote cast



While U.S. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Camas, voted in favor of the two-year budget appropriations bill in December that establishes our country’s financial obligations till Sept. 30, 2015, why would she vote just recently against raising the debt ceiling?

Raising the debt ceiling is not spending or borrowing more money. Rather, this action merely allows the country to fulfill its already agreed-to obligations, which our government committed to when Congress (along with Herrera Beutler’s vote) passed a budget and appropriation bills that the president signed into law. It’s common sense, especially to any businessperson, that if you contract to pay certain bills, you have an obligation to pay them.

Such actions by Herrera Buetler are mutually exclusive and demonstrate that in addition to not understanding basic fundamental business practices, she is just another lemming following the rest of her ideological herd off of a cliff.

Clearly, she is not an independent-thinking member that the 3rd Legislative District needs and deserves as our representative in Congress.

Robert Cuti

Battle Ground