Letter: Many benefits to Benton hiring



I am the former chair of the Clark County Clean Water Commission, a scientist with 25 years of professional experience with water programs and services in nine different states over my career. Upon my resignation from the Clean Water Commission, phone calls placed to me implied that I was leaving so I did not have to work with the dysfunction in the county government. This is far from the truth.

The past eight months have been some of the best for the Clean Water Program and the county environmental staffs’ achievements. I have greatly enjoyed working with Sen. Don Benton, R-Vancouver, and the Clean Water Program division manager and staff. Benton is doing a great job as department leader, perhaps because of the caliber of long-standing county managers and staff he has working there.

I feel that Benton is a superior professional and Clark County is lucky to have hired him with his many years of governmental experience and also his position as Majority Caucus Deputy Leader. This alone could bring much needed attention from the Washington state Senate to Clark County, something it has not had historically.

Nancy Olmsted

West Linn, Ore.