Letter: Bill attacks low-wage earners



State Rep. Liz Pike, R-Camas, introduced House Bill 2614 designed to cut the minimum wage by 25 percent for all new workers with Washington state employers. The only good thing about this bill is it is not mandatory. To quote her, “the training wage could be utilized once per employee and after 680 hours the worker’s salary would jump to minimum wage or higher.” For most employees, 680 hours or three months is a probationary time. There are no guarantees that an employer would have to hire these employees for full- or even part-time positions. This bill is perfectly crafted for employers like big discount stores, fast-food restaurants and summer seasonal workers.

I do not know anyone who can live on a minimum wage. This is just an excuse to lower wages for Pike’s Tea Party employers. Last year she attacked the teachers for being overpaid and being lazy during their “three months off” each year and now she is attacking minimum-wage workers.

I always thought representatives were elected for the good of the community. Pike seems to be working for a select few.

Gale Beagle