Snow report 2/27



Mount St. Helens — No report for Cougar or Marble Mountain sno-parks. June Lake has 63 inches of snow.

Upper Wind River — Twenty-four to 40 inches of snow at Old Man Pass, Koshko, McClellan Meadows and Lone Butte sno-parks. Road No. 30 is plowed, but there are icy patches. Surprise Lakes near Indian Heaven Wilderness have 99 inches.

Mount Adams — Four to six inches of snow at Pineside Sno-Park. Road No. 82 is slushy. SnowKing Sno-Park has 12 to 16 inches under the trees and 24 inches or more in the open. Road No. 82 has out 4 inches of snow. Smith Butte has several feet of snow. Road No. 82 is not plowed to Smith Butte.

Atkisson Sno-Park has 12 to 18 inches of snow in the open, but less under the trees. Flattop Sno-Park has 4 inches of new snow on top of a 1-inch compact base. There is no snow in the parking lot.