Fans rally on eve of Seahawks playoff game

Vancouver event one of 12 around the state sanctioned by the team



Local fans gather at one of 12 NFL sanctioned rallies across Washington state before the Seahawks take on the Saints on Saturday.

Seattle Seahawks fans didn’t wait until Saturday’s playoff game to start cheering. Vancouver was one 12 locations around the state where officially sponsored NFL team events encouraged fans to rally in support of the Seahawks.

Fans eager for Seattle’s playoff game against the New Orleans Saints gathered Friday to make some noise at Main Event Sports Grill on Southeast 164th Avenue. The rallies were organized by the Sea Hawkers booster club.

Kickoff for the 1:35 p.m. game Saturday (Fox) will mark an end to the buildup to game day that included the team events scattered around the state, Gov. Jay Inslee being joined Wednesday by former Seahawks offensive tackle Walter Jones in raising a 12th Man flag outside the Capitol, and more.

And speaking of noise, in anticipation of the showdown between the Saints (12-5) and the Seahawks (13-3), the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network installed two seismometers at CenturyLink Field, one on the field and one in the stands.

The cheers from CenturyLink Field after the 67-yard Marshawn Lynch touchdown three years ago against the Saints registered on a seismometer in Seattle and became known as the “beast mode” quake. Bill Steele of the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network said scientists hope to learn how seismic waves travel through the area, but he admitted it’s as much about fun as science.

Seismologists have set up a website to track any seismic activity and will note interesting findings on Twitter and Facebook, according to a story on the Seahawks website.