Seth Aaron wins “Project Runway All Stars”




Vancouver designer Seth Aaron Henderson has won “Project Runway All Stars” Season 3, making him a two-time winner on the popular Lifetime fashion series.

He beat two other designers in the show’s finale, which aired Thursday night.

In the program, winners and finalists of past seasons of “Project Runway” compete against others in challenges in which participants must create new themed designs in a short time span. Henderson won season 7 of “Project Runway” and is the first winner to also win in the “All Stars” show.

Anne Bocci, owner of Anne Bocci Boutique in Portland, is a longtime friend of Henderson’s and said she was thrilled to see him win again. Her store sells Henderson’s work.

“Lightening strikes twice! I mean, really, who on earth wins Project Runway twice? Answer: Seth Aaron Henderson does,” she wrote in an email from Hawaii.

She was most impressed with a coat he designed as part of this year’s competition, she added.

“It was Seth Aaron’s bold structured looks that edged out the others for the win,” Bocci said. “His stand out piece in my mind was his bold solid red matador coat. That red number could have been sold hundred times over and over within the hour.”

Henderson’s signature look includes refined punk stylings and textile patterns, with zippers and other asymmetrical details. His clothing often has one big “out there” element combined with highly detail oriented construction.

The prize package is worth close to $1 million and includes fashion magazine design spreads, computer and technology upgrades, equipment and a trip to Southeast Asia.

“The guy simply designs and sews incredibly well and under pressure, even better,” Bocci said. “Give him any challenge, and like a matador, he can slay it.”