Tide of newcomers to Clark County rises in 2013



The number of people who swapped out-of-town driver’s licenses for ones issued in Clark County grew 9.2 percent in 2013 compared to 2012, the Washington Department of Licensing reported Wednesday.

There were 14,264 driver’s licenses exchanged for local ones last year, up from 13,063 licenses issued in 2012, and up from 13,494 licenses in 2011.

But the influx of newcomers slowed in December when 941 drivers traded out-of-state licenses for new ones in Clark County. It was down month-to-month from a total of 1,113 in November and represented a year-over-year decline from 1,101 licenses issued in the county in December 2012.

Real estate experts say many out-of-towners are moving into the area for job transfers and that families are interested in Clark County’s schools and home prices, among the lowest in the Portland metro area.

Realtors are also seeing more baby boomers moving to Clark County to avoid paying state income taxes in other states, primarily Oregon.