Letter: Moratorium cultivates a good idea



Kudos to the Clark County commissioners for maintaining the moratorium on marijuana in Clark County. Making a psychoactive and addictive drug more readily available, a drug that greatly reduces learning ability if started at a young age, is reprehensible and reflects a population lulled into apathy.

I’ve been to many hearings on pro-pot legislation where proponents, more often than not looking like they are in desperate need of a job, turn up in droves. Or perhaps attending hearings is their job — paid for by the drug culture machine funded by billionaire George Soros and cohorts?

The news today lamented a proposal to cut back on aid to the poor and noted that the war on poverty, which has already cost the nation $15 trillion, was declared 50 years ago by President Johnson (http://huff.to/1anc8l9). There is an irrefutable link between poverty and substance abuse and making marijuana easier for youngsters to get will only make this worse.

Sandra S. Bennett

La Center