Vancouver Food Co-op drive aims to bring high-quality food to the hungry



Esther Short — Many people resolve to stuff themselves less in the new year, while others don’t have the luxury of cutting back on what little they’ve got to eat. Mindful of that, the nonprofit Vancouver Food Cooperative is midway through a monthlong January food drive that aims to bring the sort of organic, non-processed, high-quality food it specializes in to the Clark County Food Bank. In addition to bringing in canned items from home, shoppers at the co-op will find reduced prices on items that are perfect for donating, like canned and dried vegetables. Shoppers can even purchase whole flats of foods like soups, pasta and sauces with no store markup if the food is donated to the food drive. The co-op, owned and operated by members but always eager for shoppers from the public, is at 1002 Main St. in downtown Vancouver.