Letter: Wolf numbers reflect rapid decline



I am shocked at what appears to be Idaho’s mission to eradicate wolves, and especially hiring hunters/trappers to go into the heart of wilderness where wolves and elk seem to know how to live in balance. A biologist with Idaho Fish and Game stated on Nov. 15 that, “We actually had some great numbers of animals ( hunted elk) coming through … Some of our best numbers in recent years and so that was exciting to see.” The wolf population in Idaho was 856 in 2009 (source: Idaho Fish and Game) and has fallen to 683 (source: U.S. Fish and Wildlife). That’s a decline of 21 percent. The wolf population is not growing. Idaho appears to cater only to hunters and highly subsidized ranchers, not to other users/owners of public land. The wolf contributes to the ecological system that unravels when it is pulled apart by removing predators (see Zion National Park).

Please stop this war on wolves.

Judy Jarrett

Springfield, Ore.