Letter: Rally against abortion



Donna Quesnell’s Jan. 10 letter, “Medical decisions are personal,” ended with the suggestion that we find out what valuable services Planned Parenthood provides. Fair enough. Their 2012 yearly report shows 327,166 abortions, 19,506 prenatal services and 2,197 adoption referrals. Put another way, almost 94 percent of their pregnant customers leave Planned Parenthood without a baby. It’s an abortion mill. And supported with half a billion taxpayer dollars every year.Quesnell repeated the pro-choice line that abortion is a decision between a pregnant girl as young as 12 and the abortion industry. How convenient for the industry. What about consumer protection laws? According to Americans United for Life (www.aul.org) Women’s Protection Project, 44 states have at least one law which protects women and girls who walk into abortion businesses. Washington state has no such laws. In fact, abortion businesses were explicitly exempted from having to meet national certification standards for ambulatory surgery centers. Instead, Planned Parenthood certifies itself.

Clark County Right to Life’s annual Roe v. Wade memorial takes place at 1 p.m. Friday on the steps of the Clark County courthouse. Together, we can make a difference. Go to our website, www.clarkrtl.org.

Gerry Parmantier