Letter: Socialism starts quietly



Socialism always starts quietly and as what first seems to be a rational view of "fairness" and wealth redistribution. It ends in pain, blood and economic chaos.

For five years, we have enjoyed a steady diet of socialism. Now, the left's "new" theme, "income inequality" from 1848 via Marx, is raging from the front page. "Not only must we have equality in birth," say the progressives, "but equality in results." The former is guaranteed by our Constitution, and the latter guaranteed by what, Molotov cocktails and killing those nasty rich businessmen or taking their wealth?

Socialism's lesson of history, if you dare read it: 100 million people died in the past two centuries making this sow's ear of economic theories into silk purses. And because we are smarter than the rest of human history, shall we try it here? Great idea.

Frank Bair