Letter: Work against inequality



In reference to the Jan. 21 story "Report paints stark picture of income inequality: Wealth of world's 85 richest people equal to that of half the Earth's population," isn't it time that we in the "richest" country do something?

We talk about higher minimum wages, but when you look at the companies that pay the least, and compare that to what their CEOs make, shouldn't we have a "maximum" wage? Who is worth millions of dollars a year? Could you enjoy yourself more if you made $20 million a year instead of $10 million? You could donate $10 million to charity, but why not pay it in salaries so fewer people would need to rely on charity?

It is obscene that sports figures, movie stars and corporations (since they are supposedly people) can make millions while we have hungry people. Consider the millions spent on elections and what could be done with that money. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could close down free clinics because they were no longer needed?

People need a sense of pride and accomplishment. We need to teach our children that they have to work to succeed. Nothing is free. These situations are the ones that make people angry enough to revolt. I certainly don't want that, but isn't there something we can do? Think about it.

Annette Cartwright