Letter: Electric car is a bargain



Several writers recently bemoaned that electric-vehicle owners were not paying their fair share for roads as they didn't pay gasoline taxes. Yes, I don't pay gasoline taxes.

An overnight fill-up that gets me about 70 miles of quiet, fun driving adds about $2 to my Clark Public Utilities bill. I don't pay for oil changes, timing belt replacements, oxygen sensors, fuel injector cleaning, spark plugs, mufflers, air mass flow sensors, or shiny new expensive platinum catalytic converters. I have taken my gasoline and car repair budget and use most of it for motels and meals. I've been to the Oregon Coast, to Hood River, and to British Columbia in my EV.

I do pay for tires and also the yearly car registration that for me includes a $100 Washington state electric vehicle fee in lieu of the gasoline tax to pay for our public roadways.

Pat Campbell