Letter: Need details on TriMet deal



The city council members on the C-Tran Board vociferously voted for a CRC-TriMet contract that would obligate the city and county financially.

This little extension to Vancouver is inconsequential to the TriMet system. A possible reason is access to federal grants and financial obligations from the city and county.

Some details lacking on this minuscule extension contract:

1) Will this little extension give the city and county a viable seat at the TriMet management table?

2) Will the city and county have a voice in the TriMet budget, planning, schedules and rates?

3 Will the city and county have a voice in union negotiations with TriMet? A union strike will impact those who are committed to using light rail to get to work. Also, C-Tran will be discontinuing service to Portland to budget for maintenance, hence C-Tran buses will not be available. A union strike could affect the city and county in many ways and also be costly.

4) How will disruptions of the TriMet system be resolved? What will be the alternatives for the city and county? Crime, accidents, union strikes and earthquakes happen. How will these issues be resolved?

5) What will be the city and county liability if the TriMet system is sued for whatever reason like an accidental death?

Any contractual obligation with TriMet places our city and county transportation needs in jeopardy.

Ivan Rutherford