Letter: Highway drives out business



The Jan. 21 story "Highway 502 expansion project to begin in June" made me cringe. My business was forced to close in 2012. They'll break ground 19 months after my business closed. What justice is that? The Washington State Department of Transportation pays nothing for the business, puts me out of business, and costs me thousands in lost revenue for 19 months.

How many millions were spent by putting the highway down the middle of the existing highway rather than picking a side? Of 170 properties, how many people could have kept their homes? How many businesses could still be open, providing revenue to the community? "It was the result of a lot of effort and patience, and we appreciate how much the community worked with us during this tough process," WSDOT Project Engineer Chris Tams said in a press release. Shame on him and his superiors.

WSDOT owned the portion of my property needed for this project on Oct. 31, 2012. I have not delayed this project; WSDOT's rhetoric caused the delay, with months between correspondences, rotation of new employees causing repetitious communications and a lot of lost promises.

I fought nearly eight years for a reasonable price for my property. I have the Fifth Amendment of the USA quoted across my building. In America, individuals have certain rights. When rights are jeopardized, people need to stand up.

Power to the People -- the only way to change this process of injustice.

Susie Brady