Letter: Criticism of Obama is off the mark



I’m always disappointed in the hyperbole unleashed upon President Obama’s policies. To call him a socialist isn’t even a reasonable exaggeration — it’s just a lie. Socialism advocates the public ownership of the means of production, an idea that has never been espoused by this administration. Nor has Obama ever advocated income redistribution; if he has advocated anything, it’s opportunity redistribution.

Obama’s concern with the income and wealth inequality of our nation is motivated by the reality that wealth inequality leads to opportunity inequality. We are now one of the least upwardly mobile countries in the West. If you are American and you seek the American dream, you would do well to move to Denmark. The last time wealth inequality was this great was in the years leading up to the Depression. The time before that was in the years leading up to the Civil War. I rest my case.

Joe Varga