Booster club takes hit in fireworks stand theft

By Emily Gillespie, Columbian Breaking News Reporter



A booster club for the Union High School band took a hit Wednesday morning when thousands of dollars of product was stolen from their fireworks stand in east Vancouver.

June Griffin, the president of the boosters, said that she got a call at 5 a.m. Wednesday from the volunteer standing guard of the fireworks stand at the corner of Northeast 162nd Avenue and Northeast 18th Street.

The volunteer told her that he had scared off three young men who had used a knife to cut through a plastic window of the tent and stole about $3,000 worth of fireworks, Griffin said.

“This is our biggest fundraiser for our year,” Griffin said. She said that the booster is liable for the loss.

Griffin said the money goes toward instruments and helps the 200-plus band members fund trips and competitions.

They have set up a chain link fence on the back part of the stand for an added security measure, but Griffin said she’s hoping people can help them right this wrong.

“I’m hoping our community will support us and help us out with this,” she said. “If they haven’t purchased (fireworks) yet, come by and purchase from us to help us recoup this loss.”

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