Man arrested after four-hour standoff with regional SWAT

Authorities use tear gas on house to get wanted Vancouver man outside



Roughly 20 law enforcement officials, including regional SWAT team members in an armored vehicle, converged on a house on the 4100 block of East 18th Street following an anonymous tip Saturday.

The man inside the house was wanted for violating a restraining order and for an outstanding warrant related to domestic assault.

The four-hour standoff ended when authorities used tear gas to bring the man outside.

The Vancouver Police Department did not release his name Saturday.

Officer Ilia Botvinnik of the Vancouver Police Department said SWAT was called because the man refused to leave the residence. Because he was wanted for violating a restraining order and for an outstanding warrant, the police were obligated to bring him in, Botvinnik said.

He was arrested without incident after the home was tear-gassed.

The suspect’s girlfriend, Dawn Bushek, said Saturday that it was her home that was tear-gassed, and the incident left her and her son without a place to live.

“Now I have nowhere to go,” she wrote in an email. “(I’m) a single mother, and a full-time student with no extra money.”

Bushek said she wasn’t abused by her boyfriend.

“End result is I have lost every possession my son and I own, and all the windows in my house have been blown out, and I have no options,” she wrote.