Weather Eye: Now that Pacific Northwest summer is here, enjoy the sunshine




Patrick Timm

Weathermen started summer on June 1, the calendar started summer on June 21, and folklore started summer on July 5.

Regardless, the past six weeks or so have been just about perfect. Yes, we’ve had a few cloudbursts here and there to wash things down, but overall a very nice summer so far. Perfect weather will continue all week with the usual ups and downs, with sunny skies and invasions of morning clouds. Temperatures will swing from warm today to hot Monday to cooler Tuesday through Thursday.

Next weekend looks clear, sunny and warm. At the coast the next few days there could be some drizzle and even a stray shower or two, especially on the Washington coast. Not all that bad, just lots of clouds. Also, thunder could erupt over the Cascades at times.

The Fourth of July had perfect weather for celebrating our Independence: a few clouds but pleasant temperatures even after sundown.

Now that we have the Fourth behind us we slide into the driest two months of the year. The driest period on average is the last week of July through the first 10 days of August. Have outdoor plans? Consider those days.

June ended as a wet and cool month if you follow the averages exactly. Vancouver’s rainfall totaled 2.20 inches, 0.41 inch above average. The average mean temperature was 62.7 degrees, six-tenths of a degree below average.

Three years ago on this date I wrote this piece: “The snow melt is finding its way down regional rivers. Early this week Timberline Lodge still had 100 inches of snow on the ground.” Not so this year, but there’s still some white showing on both Hood and St. Helens.

Enjoy the pleasant week!

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at