Weather Eye: Expect 90-degree temperatures this weekend and beyond




Patrick Timm

Our run-in with hot weather is still on the horizon, with 90-degree temperatures over the weekend and beyond. A massive ridge of high pressure is forecast to keep a stronghold on our weather pattern.

The only caveat as I mentioned here earlier in the week is the occasional southwest flow of air that will usher in rounds of moisture from the desert southwest as we experienced the other day. Thunderstorms over the Cascades could meander westward to the coast range. So there’s a small threat of an evening thunderstorm Friday locally and possibly lots of dry lightning. Other than that, expect fair weather — although temperatures will be high above average.

A week ago today was our coolest day, with a high of only 74 degrees. We have been in the 80s the past five days. We should soon have a string of 90-degree days.

We managed to cool down a few degrees Wednesday. As of 5 p.m., Vancouver had a high of 83 degrees. At least we had a nice northwest breeze, although some county residents are getting annoyed with the strong, incessant winds that play havoc with the yard and garden.

There certainly will be no cool down east of the mountains, with most locales along the east slopes of the Cascades in Central Washington peaking at 100 degrees or better.

Catching up on last month’s rainfall, Tyler Mode reported 2.72 inches in Battle Ground and 2.99 inches at his Minnehaha station. I mentioned previously that much of the heavier rain was here in the city rather than outlying areas.

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