Weather Eye: County fairgoers will enjoy stretch of warm, sunny weather




The Clark County Fair begins Friday and the weather should be fair as well. Okay, sorry for the pun, but everything should be fun when those dismal, gray rain clouds aren’t hanging around.

Looking ahead for the entire run of the fair, it should be dry and warm, possibly hot on some days. The final weekend of the event may see morning low clouds and cooler temperatures.

I have been to the fair many times and have experienced both cool, wet conditions and almost unbearable heat. August can certainly be a month of extremes. Speaking of extremes, so far in July, Vancouver has seen a high temperature of 98 degrees on the July 1 and 50 degrees on the 25th. The average mean temperature is 70.5 degrees, 2.2 degrees above average. Rainfall, thanks to the deluge on July 23-24, is running .16 of an inch above average at .82 of an inch. We will end up at .14 of an inch above average when July clocks out. No rain on the horizon for us this week.

We are definitely in the “Dog Days of Summer,” which is regarded as the period of July 3 through August 11. The hottest stretch of summer. The phrase ‘Dog Days of Summer’ came from ancient times when people looked at the summer skies and saw Sirius, the Dog Star located in Canis Major.

With the exception of our sun, Sirius is the brightest star visible from Earth. This brilliant, blue-white star’s name means “searing” in Greek. Not knowing the dynamics of the universe, they thought it was adding to the heat in summer since it was so bright and sharing space with our sun.

I remember reading a while ago; one scientist said that that if the sun was an ordinary incandescent light bulb, Sirius, the Dog Star would just be a LED. I tried explaining this to my two little dogs and they just looked at me, shook their heads and ventured back to the shade.

Enjoy your week and keep cool.

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at