Businesses displaying works of 12 winning poets



Clark County — The words of 12 local poets are now displayed at businesses around Clark County as part of the Poets in the Shops competition created by the county’s poet laureate, Christopher Luna. The contest received 54 submissions from 24 poets. The winners were honored at a June 27 reception at Vancouver’s Angst Gallery, where they read from their works. For a list of the shops displaying the poems, visit

The winners were:

• Tiffany Burba-Schramm, “Everything Settles.”

• Diane Freer Cammer, “This Smaller World.”

• Chris Chaffin, “Columbia.”

• Bruce Hall, “A Verbal Anti-depressant.”

• Morgan Hutchinson, “The City.”

• Christi Krug, “Preparations.”

• R. Valentine Moore, “Blue Yonder.”

• Jennifer Pratt-Walter, “Teacher of the Trek.”

• Scott Carstensen, “Love.”

• Michael Williams, “Summer Camp.”

• Jane Elder Wulff, “early music.”

• Louise Wynn, “On This Mountain.”