Vital Statistics



Marriage dissolutions


Bevill, Patricia Michael and Brad A. Woman’s name changed to Shafer.

Curtis, Cornelious and Tracey Elizabeth.

Daugherty, Alan John and Stefanie Ann.

Defibaugh, Christina Marie and Dodd Carl.

Ernst, Ashley and Evans, Amenda.

Fraser, Douglas George and Kiser, Jodi.

Gerber, Janetta Lynn-Menzies and Brian Jacob. Woman’s name changed to Kelley.

Goldbeck, Harry Arthur and Cochenour, Chelsea Marie.

Harlan, Heather I. and Darren H. Woman’s name changed to Hymas.

Hartman, Janet Marie and Mark Alan.

Johnson, Megan Louise and Robert Edward Alvin.

Jones, Bradley James and Sherri Lynn.

Knudson, Monta C. and Heather D.

Lobdell, Debra Toby and Patrick J.

Magno-Mendoza, Theresa and Mendoza-Herrera, Oscar. Woman’s name changed to Magno.

Medina, Teresa E. and Barragan, Juan F.

Mumma, Clyde R. and Lisa L.

Pisaygnane, Alanhgna and Mounsaveng, Oudone.

Tripp, Thayne W. and Telisha Lynn.

Truett, Michael D. and Yvonne. Woman’s name changed to Moody.

Volk, Dona W. and Jeffrey Allen. Woman’s name changed to Banister.

Wellmon, Flora Marie and Steven Leo.

Wilcox, Rachael Anne and Joseph Bradley. Woman’s name changed to Hamburg.

Wilson, Shaunacy Rose and Darrin Gregory.


Anderson, Jessica Lynn and Richard Dean.

Camp, Charlotte Nicole and Jason Allen.

Gonzalez, Juan Carlos and Arnold, Kristina Anne.

Hester, Cleo James and Rice, Trisha Anne.

Peters, George and Jennifer.

Showalter, Catherine Jean and Dustin James.

Thornton, Michael S. and Wendy Lynn.

Wallace Jr., William Rush and Wallace, Anna Louise.

Wilson, Tara and Gabriel.

Marriage licenses


Castillo, Senovia Ellise, 27, Vancouver, and Meyer, Dustin Andrew, 30, Vancouver.

Pitcher, Julia Kay, 56, Beaverton, Ore., and Round, Claudia Jane, 63, Beaverton, Ore.

Stepanyuk, Kristina Pavlovna, 18, Vancouver, and Chausov, Vladimir Victorovich, 26, Vancouver.

Rice, Clifford Dale, 45, Vancouver, and Atkeson, Linda Lee, 56, Vancouver.

Johnston, Patricia Ann, 53, Vancouver, and Eddy, Suzette Joy, 47, Vancouver.

Rauch, Ashley Cheri, 28, Battle Ground, and Gore, Sherman Dale, 36, Woodland.

Appling, Beverly Ann, 59, Washougal, and Vandenberg, Thomas Floyd, 63, Washougal.

Heath, Jaccob Aaron, 21, Vancouver, and Baney, Alyssa Christine, 23, Vancouver.

Garcia, Alicia Soto, 32, Oregon City, Ore., and Martinez, Jacob Octavio, 35, Oregon City, Ore.

Anderton, Ingrida Ivaskaite, 36, Portland, and Misevicius, Laurynas Rokas, 42, Portland.

Walsweer, Thomas Leo, 36, Camas, and Lohberger, Charles William, 51, Camas.

Patterson, Gisela Marie, 49, Vancouver, and Morris Jr., Michael William, 49, Vancouver.

Vasilchuk, Diana Romanovna, 18, Vancouver, and Harp, Tyler Steven, 21, Vancouver.

Reese, Joel Michael Edward, 29, Vancouver, and Torres-Salas, Karina Yael, 20, Vancouver.

Dougal, Mara Caitlin, 29, Vancouver, and Hays, Matthew Shawn, 30, Vancouver.

Montes, Mark Anthony, 54, Vancouver, and Bethune, Paulette Evon, 59, Vancouver.

Renner, Janel Renee, 37, Vancouver, and Fox, Michael Ray, 45, Vancouver.

Leong, Robyn Michelle, 23, Portland, and Pham, Tim Nguyen, 25, Portland.

Witham, Christopher James, 36, Vancouver, and Taylor, Willow Rayne-Firedancer, 35, Vancouver.

Bellew, Shelley Kaye, 47, Vancouver, and Cooper, Todd Martin, 51, Vancouver.

Zuniga, Maria De Jesus Rodriguez, 33, Vancouver, and Barragan, Eleazar Aparicio, 37, Vancouver.

Cline, Bo Anthony, 20, Vancouver, and Toffoli, Kailkai Jordan, 19, Vancouver.

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