Turkish Airlines, Boeing ink order for 15 more 737s



Tacoma — Turkish Airlines last week increased its order for 50 Boeing 737 Max aircraft to 65 with an additional order for 15 of the 737 Max 8s.

That order is in addition to an order for 20 Next Generation 737s made last spring along with the original orders for 50 Max aircraft.

The 737 Max is the newest version of the world’s most popular jetliner, the 737. The first 737 Max is due to enter service with Southwest Airlines in 2017. The 737 Next Generation is the 737 model family currently in production at Boeing’s Renton plant.

The 737 Max will be more fuel efficient and have slightly longer ranges than the present 737 family. The Max will be equipped with new engines and aerodynamic improvements including split wingtips for less drag.

With the latest 737 Max order, Turkish Airlines has more than 100 outstanding orders for Boeing aircraft. In addition to the 65 737 Max orders, the airline has orders for 25 737 Next Generation planes and 200 777-300ER long-range jets.

The 737 is a twin-engine, single-aisle plane popular with many airlines, especially low-cost carriers such as Southwest and RyanAir, both of which have all-737 fleets.