Protesters storm Libyan parliament



TRIPOLI, Libya — Dozens of Libyans on Sunday stormed the parliament building in the capital, Tripoli, to protest the extension of its mandate to rule, the official Libyan News Agency reported.

“The demonstrators had set fire in the vicinity of the National Congress before storming its hall while members were in session,” said Omar Humaydan, the parliament’s spokesman.

He said some protesters were armed and attacked the members, some of whom were hospitalized.

Earlier in the day, anti-parliament activists blocked roads to the building to protest an attack by the parliament’s supporters on campers outside the building, local media reported.

The Congress, Libya’s highest authority, recently extended by one year its right to convene and rule, which was due to expire in February.

In recent weeks, mass protests have been staged against the parliament and the interim government because of a lack of security in the country. During the weekend, more violent acts were reported.

Gunmen on Sunday fatally shot a French man in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi. The victim, a 49-year-old technician, was shot three times in the district of Ras Ebeida in central Benghazi, a hospital official said.

No one has claimed responsibility.

Four unidentified bodies were found Sunday in a forest east of Benghazi, LANA reported. Each was shot in the head, according to the report.

This past week, seven Egyptian Christians were found dead near Benghazi.