Letter: Interpretation is individual choice



God exists in our own image. We are God and God is us. It’s the prerogative of each individual to believe or dispute this concept. Heaven is also a conception in our own image. Hell is not a good concept.

Religion is good if it works for you, just as long as you don’t try to ram your Protestant, Catholic, Islamic, Hindu, etc., beliefs down our throats. Hint: Jesus was not a Catholic; He was a saint. The Bible, Koran, etc., is good literature and history if not taken to extremes. Literal interpretation can be dangerous.

The key message in all the holy books is to love and treat your fellow human beings like you want to be treated. Bad concepts such as Darwinian capitalism, fascism, religious fanaticism and war-mongering for resources make our lives miserable.

Oh and by the way, evolution is for real. Whether we start as single cells doesn’t matter. Let’s just try to avoid extinction.

Don Anderson